High turn-out for first IDP Rep Forum meeting

A community member raises a point during the IDP representative forum meeting at Madimbo community hallA community member raises a point during the IDP representative forum meeting at Madimbo community hall

Musina Municipality, under the recently inaugurated new council, held its first Integrated Development Plan (IDP) representative forum meeting at Madimbo community hall. Following the new demarcations by the Municipal Demarcation Board, Musina Municipality now has 24 councilors and 12 wards. This was the perfect platform to explain to traditional leaders, ward committee members, government departments and community structures how the IDP process will unfold. 

Mayor Mihloti Muhlope says according to the Municipal Systems Act, every municipality has to prepare its own credible IDP with community members, which guides them for five years. “In terms of the Constitution, the White Paper and legislation flowing from it, we are required to structure and manage our administration, budgeting and planning processes, give priority to the basic needs of the community, promote the social and economic development of the community and participate in national and provincial development programmes.”

Muhlope says the key IDP reflections include the municipality’s vision and special emphasis on the most critical development and internal transformation needs and an assessment of the existing level of development, which includes an identification of communities, which do not have access to basic municipal services. “This will also help us to look at the development of objectives and priorities for our people, including our local economic development aims. There is also a need to scrutinize the development of strategies that are aligned with national or provincial sectoral plans and planning requirements binding on the municipality.”

She says the municipality went to the rural Madimbo village in order to include its stakeholders when taking decisions to ensure a smooth link between planning and delivery through a detailed and concrete project design process. “This gives sector specialists their appropriate role in the process, thereby contributing to a smooth planning implementation link. It also provides proposals with tentative target figures coupled with time horizons and costs estimates. Integration of these projects ensures that the results of projects planning are checked for compliance with the vision, objectives, strategies and resources and that they are harmonized. The harmonization process will result in a consolidated spatial, financial and institutional framework as a sound basis for smooth implementation.”

She encourages community members to participate in all municipal meetings to make sure that they are part of the planning and implementation processes.

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