Statement In Relation To Water Supply Challenges In Musina

Date: 14 March 2017


Musina water extraction is done in the Limpopo River, where boreholes are submerged in and along the river. In total, we have 22 operational boreholes, 8 of which are right inside the river and the 14 alongside the river.  Tragically, 8 of the boreholes that are in the river have since been eroded by the high volume of flowing water caused by the heavy rains from upstream. This is because the Limpopo River is fed by a number of tributaries upstream.

These 8 boreholes are the main source of water that give good yield and this means that operation is compromised because water pumped cannot cater the whole of Musina, impacting negatively on high lying areas, especially  Matswale (phase 3 to phase 10) and Nancefield Ext 9 and 10.  On average, 16 mega litres of water is pumped through and recorded at our inflow meters. Since this disaster befell us, we are now operating at a very less volume of 10 mega litres per day. Although we are reviving some of the old boreholes to supplement the loss, the unfortunate part is that the river is still overflowing but we are working was speedily as possible to resolve the crises.

Remedial Actions

  • We are pumping water directly to the main lines instead of filling up reservoirs.  
  • We have dispatched a total of 4 water tankers to the affected areas with assistance of the Vhembe District Municipality, private institutions and responsible government departments.
  • Watering of gardens and wasteful use of water is restricted.
  • It is the responsibility of every citizen to make sure that we share the little of what we have to the maximum.

 Schedule of water tankers

  • Musina Ext 8:  between 9h45 and 10h30am daily.
  • Matswale Phase 7 to 9: between 10h30am and 3pm daily.
  • Matswale Phase 10, 11 and 12:  between 10h00 and 15h00 daily
  • Matswale Phase 4 to 6: between 15h00 and 19h00 daily


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