Municipal leadership interacts with villagers

Some of the community members who attended the mayoral imbizo. Some of the community members who attended the mayoral imbizo.

Ordinary community members from deep rural villages had the opportunity to personally interact with the Mayor of Musina, Cllr Mihloti Muhlope, her councillors and the management team of Musina Municipality. This was during the mayoral imbizo at Mphephu Youth Centre (Tshipise Tsha Sagole). The area is one of those inherited from the former Mutale and it now falls under ward 10 of Musina Municipality. The main aim of the gathering was to give a report on service delivery and get constructive inputs from stakeholders and community members.


When giving a service delivery report, Mayor Mihloti Muhlope said it was important for the municipality to go all out and meet the people rather than to wait for the reports to be brought to the municipal office. “Engaging with people personally is one of the best ways to build relationships. Our people need our presence where they stay because it is sometimes difficult for them to travel to our offices. We are happy that we have been received with affection from our communities because they know that we are servicing them with excellence.”  

She said the municipality is aware that there are challenges in relation to the supply of water in the area. “Villages like Tshipise, Mbodi, Tshamutavha, Tshokotshoko, Tshivhongweni, Matatani, Sigonde, Zwigodini and Thahari are the most affected. We are pleased that the multi-million Luphephe-Nwanedi water project under construction will help to eliminate water shortages in these areas. Furthermore, we are working with the Vhembe District Municipality and the Department of Water Affairs to address water shortage in this ward.” 

She added that government has recently built 40 houses in Tshivaloni, 39 in Tshipise and 21 at Tshivhongweni.  “We are doing our best to eliminate the shortage of housing in this ward. More houses will be constructed when we get extra allocation from the provincial government. Initiatives like the Extended Public Works Programme, Working for Water, Soil Rehabilitation, Tshipise-Matatani Road and the Sigonde-Domboni Road construction are playing a major role in creating employment for our people in this ward.”

The mayor said that the issued raised by the communities will be attended urgently. “Those that need the attention of sector departments and the private sector will be forwarded to them and we will make sure that they are followed up timeously.” 

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