Notice 11 Land Availability Agreement2

Musina Local Municipality hereby invites Developers to submit proposal for Development of the below tabled land parcels. The successful developers is expected to submit a proposal indicating proposed development and purchase price for the property.

1 Portion of the Remaining Extent of the Farm Messina 4 MT Approximately 20 hectare  Agriculture  Vacant  Bulk Petroleum 
Portion of the Remaining Extent of the Farm Messina 4 MT Approximately 60 Ha  Agriculture  Vacant  Middle income 
Erf 2244 Messina Ext 17 5527 M²  Business 1  Vacant  Open to proposal 
Remainder of Erf 5715 Messina Nancefield Ext 1 (Nancefield Market Place) 1893 M²  Business 1  Mini Markets  Open to proposal 
Remainder of Erf 761 Messina Ext 1 3016 M²  Business 1  Vacant  Open to proposal 

Proposal documents containing all company registration, tax compliance status pin and tax clearance certificate, water and lights account for company and directors of company, central supplier database registration report, proposed purchase price land and Bank support Letter should be submitted, on or before closing date, to the municipal offices at 21 Irwin Avenue Musina.

The Council also reserves the right to negotiate further Development conditions and requirements with the successful service provider. The proposals will be evaluated based on the following: documents to be submitted will carry 20 points, Proposal will be 40 points and price offered will be 40 points. NB. All bidders should be CSD registered.

No late, faxed or telephonic proposal will be accepted. All proposals will remain valid for 90 (ninety) days.

A complete proposal documents must be deposited in the Tender box at the reception of the Civic Centre, 21 Irwin Street, not later than the closing date and time.

The closing date for submission is on the 18 January 2018 at 11am

Civic Centre
Musina 0900 Municipal Manager

Notice number11/2017

12 December 2017

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