Dzimauli High School – a shining example of hard work!

Mayor Mihloti Muhlope delivers a motivational talk to learners of Dzimauli High School.  Mayor Mihloti Muhlope delivers a motivational talk to learners of Dzimauli High School.

Situated in the rural village of Folovhodwe, Dzimauli High School has a reason to celebrate. This is the only school that obtained 100% pass rate during the 2017 Grade 12 results in the Niani Circuit. One may ask: “How does a rural school without a library, laboratory and modern educational facilities achieve this?”

“The secret is hard work, effective time management and inclusive cooperation between the learners, educators, school governing body, parents and various community structures.” Said school principal, Julius Ramphabana. 

Ramphabana said the school’s Grade 12 results improved from 76,5% in 2016 to 100% in 2017. “Last year, we had 42 learners in Grade 12 who all passed satisfactorily. Despite limited resources, we are happy to be on record as the only school that produced 100% pass rate in the Niani circuit.” The school presently has 595 learners and 21 educators.  

He said the school management, parents and learners have agreed on extra lessons to prepare children for their year-end examinations. “We have a study session that starts at 06h00 in the morning before the formal school programme starts. We also have lessons that are taken after school and on weekends. This are some of the things that help us to attain good results.”

Despite her busy schedule, Musina Mayor, Cllr Mihloti Muhlope visited the school to convey her congratulations. Much to the excitement of the teachers and learners, she announced that she is adopting the school and she will work with them to make sure that the school stays on top. She committed to sponsor outstanding performing learners with the mayoral awards later this year.

She commended the educators, learners and parents for the great work of producing good results at the school. “Judging by the level of your commitment, I have no doubt that this school will maintain the 100% pass rate this year. You have really made our municipality proud.” She concluded. 

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