Foreword by the Mayor

I am pleased you have reached the website of Musina Municipality where you will find a wide range of our municipal activities. I believe that the website content will lead to higher awareness and knowledge about Musina Municipality and will attract visitors, investors and people interested in settling here.

A wide range of local government legislation mandates this Council to conduct the business of service delivery in an integrated and co-ordinated manner. An exercise that must be interactive and inclusive, mindful of the development needs of our communities.

In order to fulfil this mandate, we must oversee the process of crafting a comprehensive plan that is an undertaking of the Council on service delivery and meaningful development of Musina, which is our core business. We have not lost sight of the challenges that we encounter on our way but resolve that working together we must ensure that they do not inhibit progress as we are set on doing more.

We need to bridge the gap between rich and poor, to fight illiteracy and youthful poverty of ambition – not just because they are evil in themselves, but because they lead to the criminal disorder that affects everyone.

Local government will be sorely tested in the years ahead, and we will come to reply more and more on the voluntary, charitable and community organisations to work with the council to develop vulnerable people and disadvantaged communities.

Local government and communities face major challenges which include reducing unemployment, more access to better quality basic services, overcoming the legacy of apartheid spatial development, strengthening community participation, and building effective, accountable and clean local government. All these challenges need our collective efforts to resolve.

With your full cooperation, we have no doubt that we are going to make Musina a better place to stay and invest.

Thank You

Cllr. Mihloti Muhlope


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