Musina Eclipse

From the 29th November to the 4th December 2002, the town of Musina hosted a festival celebrating the solar eclipse passing directly over the town at 8.18 am on Wednesday the 4th December. The 5-day celebration of this rare lunar attraction drew crowds of visitors to Musina, both international and South African.

On the 4 December 2002, at 08h18 Musina and large parts of the Limpopo Valley were shrouded in total darkness when a total eclipse of the sun took place. This awesome natural phenomenon was a once in a life-time experience as a total eclipse of the sun occurs only once every 18 months in any given area on earth but once every 360 years in a given vicinity.


Tourism is one of Musina's greatest assets as it generates income and creates jobs, business and other opportunities. 


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