Leading by example…Musina Municipal Manager, Nathi Tshiwanammbi (front right) participates in the aerobics session with other employees at Skoonplaas Stadium.

There is no doubt that employees who are physically fit and healthy are more productive than the unfit ones. So said the Municipal Manager of Musina, Mr Nathi Tshiwanammbi. He was addressing hundreds of municipal employees before they embarked on a 10km fun walk as part of the municipal employees wellness programme. The fun walk started at Lesley Manyathela Stadium and finished at Skoonplaas Stadium.

Tshiwanammbi said there are many benefits of physical exercise by employees of any institution. “Despite us having planned this event for today, we encourage our employees to exercise individually on daily basis. In fact, physical exercise should be part of any person’s daily life. By exercising every day, you lower the risks of being attacked by opportunistic diseases. Besides that, we all know that a healthy body has a healthy mind.”

He said it is good that the municipality has made provision that service delivery is not affected during the duration of the fun walk. “We have made sure that staff members who work on essential service points continue to do so because we don’t want service delivery to be interrupted. It is important to strike a balance between staff wellness and uninterrupted service delivery.”

Ailwei Mutele is one of the employees who took part in the 10km fun walk. He said: “I spend most of my time behind the wheel but this fun walk has really assisted me to regain my fitness. I commend the municipality for coming up with this initiative because it builds a workforce that is dedicated and productive. I wish the municipality can have these sessions occasionally because they help us to keep fit.  From today onwards, I will take exercise seriously and do my own sessions to keep myself fit. I encourage other staff members to take physical exercise seriously because there are many benefits thereof.”

After the fun walk, employees participated in the health talks and aerobics at Skoonplaas Stadium