A job well done…Mr Tshimangadzo Bethuel Muluvhu (61) retired at the end of June after serving Musina Municipality as Expenditure Manager for twenty years.

“I have seen it all and now is my time to take a rest.” These are the words of Mr Tshimangadzo Bethuel Muluvhu upon his retirement from Musina Local Municipality. Muluvhu, who held the position of Expenditure Manager, retired at the age of 61 at the end of June after serving the municipality for 20 years. He was the longest serving staff member in the finance department of Musina Municipality after serving under five democratically elected mayors and five municipal managers.

When bidding farewell to Muluvhu, the Municipal Manager of Musina, Mr Nathi Tshiwanammbi said the municipality was very privileged to have someone like him for the past twenty years. “As one of the elders in the municipality, we have learnt a lot of good things from him. He taught us to love we do and to be dedicated in our work. Mr Muluvhu was a very quiet person who would only spoke straight to the point when it was necessary. His good work spoke volumes for him. We will miss his disciplined character and his ability to resolve work related challenges in a peaceful manner. He was a valuable asset to the municipality.”

Tshiwanammbi urged young employees to emulate Muluvhu. “If we all follow in his footsteps, Musina Municipality would be the best place to work and spend our time at. Muluvhu knew how to prioritise and he would put his work first before anything else. Ever since he joined the municipality, he has never been summoned by a disciplinary committee to answer for any misbehaviour. His work file is very clean and we are happy that he is leaving a trail of good memories with us.  At one time, we gave him the responsibility of Acting Chief Financial Officer (CFO) because he is very reliable and dedicated to his work. We don’t have enough words to thank him for his contribution because this municipality is what it is because of hard working people like him. We wish him the best in his new life of retirement but we will always call him when we need financial advice in the municipality.”

Muluvhu, who is affectionately called Malume (Uncle) in the workplace, said he enjoyed every moment  at Musina Municipality for the past twenty years. “I would like to thank the municipality for giving me the opportunity to realise my potential. I could see it was the grace of God because I competed with other finance specialists when I got this job twenty years ago. However, I would have not achieved everything had it not been because of teamwork and the support from fellow colleagues at work. I now leave the button to young employees to finish the race as I have prepared a solid ground for them. Life at Musina Municipality was good although we had work related challenges that we would resolve happily. I will always cherish my days at the municipality and I wish everyone there good health so that they can continue to deliver efficient services to our community members out there.”