MEC Phophi Ramathuba, Ronal Tshivalo (from the Malaria Control unit) and the mayor of Musina, Cllr Mihloti Muhlope preparing to spray a household at Ha-Gumbu village.

Gracious Ramufhi (20) is one of the 33 people who contracted malaria at Ha-Gumbu area from January to November this year. She told the MEC for Health, Dr Phophi Ramathuba that she suffered from severe headache, dizziness and her body temperature raised alarmingly. She said she was admitted at the Donald Fraser Hospital where she spent a week before she was finally cleared from the dreaded disease.

Ramufhi added: “It seemed as if the world was coming to an end because I could not cope with the terrible headache that I was feeling. Malaria is there and we should all protect ourselves from this decease. That is why I don’t have a problem when health workers come to my home to spray as a way of preventing malaria. I consider myself an ambassador of malaria because I have personally experienced how painful the decease is.”

She was explaining her experience during the commemoration of the SADC Malaria Day that was held at Ha-Gumbu village.

MEC Ramathuba said she decided to visit Ha-Gumbu due to the high number of malaria cases reported in the area. “It is part of our intervention as the Department of Health to fight malaria in this area. Malaria is a very dangerous disease but it can be prevented and also be treated. It is very painful when people perish because of something that we can have control over. We need people to take this decease seriously because many people have lost their lives after suffering from it. If detected early, it can be successfully treated and be cured.”

She thanked the malaria control team for their good work of spraying households to prevent the spread malaria. “It is very disappointing to learn that there are certain people who refuse our malaria control team entry to their houses for spraying purposes. The malarial control team is our foot soldiers who are doing a very great job to fight malaria. Let’s allow them to come into our houses and welcome them with open hands for them to spray because it will save many lives. I am very happy because the traditional leader of this village has made an undertaking that every household under his jurisdiction will be sprayed.”

Ramathuba said the same seriousness that we give to Covid 19 should also be given to malaria. “We are all going up and down because Covid 19 has caused havoc in our country. Malaria is also causing havoc but people are giving it less attention although it is also a very dangerous disease.”

Musina Mayor, Cllr Mihloti Muhlope said it is concerning that some of the areas in Musina are malaria hotspots. “We are pleased that this type of intervention will help to minimize the spread of malaria in the areas around Musina. We will continue to work with various stakeholders until we have zero rate of malaria in our municipality.”