“Change is here. There is no one from afar who will come and effect change in your life. It is only you who can bring about change in your lifestyle because you are the master of your own destiny.” These are the encouraging words from Ornica Netshiozwi, the founding member of the group called CHANGE IS HERE. The group, comprised of twenty four women from Musina Nancefield, converge at Leslesy Manyathela Stadium every morning to participate in two hours daily exercise sessions before they start with their daily chores.

Some members of CHANG IS HERE exercise club in one of their sessions at Lesley Manyathela Stadium.

The women start with their one hour of running session around the pitch and finish up with another hour of aerobics at the grandstand. Their motto, ‘no pain no gain’ is paying off as they are now enjoying the positive benefits of exercise.

Netshiozwi said she and her colleagues realized that many local women are aging prematurely because they live unhealthy lifestyles and they don’t exercise. “It was difficult when we started at first because people did not understand our goals. As time went by, some colleagues joined us and the group grew to where it is today.”

She said although they do not have any sponsor, they contributed from their own pockets to buy some uniforms. “Lack of money and resources cannot stand on our way to a better health. We try by all means to maximize the little resources that we have in order to accomplish our goal. We also have some few training equipment but we will appreciate any assistance from Good Samaritans who would like to assist us with the training equipment.”

She says since they started with their initiative early this year, they have observed positive changes in their lives and they are happy with the progress. “Some group members were overweight and they are now working on how to maintain their current desired weights. Besides exercise, we also encourage one another on eating healthy and other hints of keeping our bodies healthy.”

Another group member and coach, Nokuthulo Booi says she can’t count her benefits of becoming a member. “There is no more going back. The fruits of our hard labour are paying off and we will continue our sessions because exercise is now part of our daily lives.  When you exercise regularly, you are always fit and chances of being attacked by opportunistic diseases are very slim.”

Booi encourages other local women to join the group. “We call upon local women to come and join us so that we can continue to make positive changes in our lives. The more we grow, the more we can make a positive change in our lives.”

Those who would like to join the group or assist with training equipment can contact Ornica Netshiozwi at 082 402 3338.