The Mayor of Musina, Cllr Mihloti Muhlope.

It is that time of the year we were all waiting for. To most of us, it is the time to rest while enjoying the little that we have saved for the whole year. However, when we enjoy our savings, we should also bear in mind that there is still 2020 that is coming with its own needs and challenges. Let us enjoy our savings with responsibility.

Many of us will be travelling to various parts of the country. Last year during the festive season, we had many fatalities in our roads that had also led to the loss of life. Most of those fatalities were avoidable. Therefore, it is our joint responsibility to observe the rules of the road while at the same time respecting the rights of other road users. If you are a driver and you feel tired, it is advisable to take a rest and resume your journey when you have refreshed. I urge every road user to be more cautious when using the roads this festive season. Our traffic officers will go out in full force to make sure that everyone is obeying the rules of the road.

Another thing that is bothering us in Musina, especially in rural areas, is stray animals. We don’t want to hear any death caused by stray animals in the Musina municipal area this festive season. Owners must take full responsibility of their animals and look after them safely so that they may not cause accidents in our roads.

To our learners who have already received results for their final examinations and passed, I commend you for your hard work. Those who didn’t make it should not consider it as the end of the world. Take your failure as another opportunity to learn from your mistakes. Give it another try and you will definitely make it.  This same applies to the Grade 12 learners who are still to receive their final examination results.

I wish every one of you a happy Christmas and prosperous 2020.