Standing from left right: Generous ward councillor, Philemon Taxi Nare, Cllr Rabelani Gadabeni, Rixile primary school principal Moses Chauke and Cllr Prince Sakala captured with four of the five learners who receive their new school uniforms from Nare.

“I have made an undertaking that each year, I will personally buy school uniforms for 10 learners in my ward until I finish up my five-year term as a ward councillor. This means that I have an obligation to provide for 50 learners with full school uniforms when I leave the Council of Musina Municipality. So far, I have already provided full school uniforms for 30 learners in my ward. The money for buying these school uniforms come directly from my pocket.” So said Cllr Philemon Taxi Nare when handing over full school uniforms to five learners of Rixile Primary School.

Nare said each year, he engages with the school governing bodies and principals of Rixile primary and Musina Secondary schools so that each school should identify five learners from needy families who should be provided with school uniforms. “I personally grew in a very poor background and I know what real poverty is. I used to go to school without proper uniforms and know how this affected my learning. I took it upon myself to make sure that I make a contribution to reduce poverty in my area of jurisdiction.”

He said one does not have to have a lot of money to make a difference in the community. “The little you have can make a very big difference in your community. I encourage other community leaders to make a difference in their communities because it takes the whole community to raise a child. Children are the future leaders of our communities and we all have to mobilise resources to prepare their future.”

The principal of Rixile primary school, Mr Moses Chauke appreciated Cllr Nare’s efforts and encouraged other community leaders to follow his example. “Every year for the past three years, Mr Nare has been handing over full school uniforms to disadvantaged learners here in our school. We really appreciate his heart of gold and hope that it will be a lesson to other community leaders to make a difference in their communities.”

Kgaukgelo Moyana (12) is a Grade 6 learner who received her school uniform from Nare. She said: “I’m very happy because I will now look smart in my new uniform. Having a new school uniform will encourage me to study hard. We thank our ward councillor for this generous donation.”