Some of the community members who took part in the clean-up campaign.

Illegal dumping is becoming a very serious challenge in Musina. This was revealed by the member of Musina Municipality Executive Committee of Council, Cllr Nkele Milanzi. Milanzi was addressing community members who volunteered to clean several illegal dumps around Nancefield Township.

She said it was important for the Council of Musina Municipality to take a lead by demonstration so that ordinary people can easily understand that illegal dumping is a serious health risk.

She told the volunteers that the municipality has a suitable dumping site but she could not understand why people keep on dumping waste everywhere. “Despite limited resources, we do our best to make sure that refuse is collected in households at all times. We have also provided skip bins around various areas in the township for our people to throw their waste. But it is very disturbing when you see a person opting to throw waste on the ground instead of depositing it in the provided skip bins. It should always be our normal practice that we do not just throw waste all over our habitat.”

She said besides causing diseases, illegal dumping is very dangerous to the environment and it also turns the tourists away. “If our area is clean, it attracts tourists, thereby boosting the economy of our municipality. Tourists will never want to visit an area that is not clean. This means that our economy will crumble because of the non-visits by the tourists. Besides the tourism point of view, we will suffer the consequences because our health system will not be able to cope due to the diseases caused by pollution. That is the reason why, together with some of our councillors, we decided to put everything aside to come and spend the whole day cleaning our areas with our people.”

One of the volunteers who took part in the cleaning campaign is Takalani Rambau. She said: “As a caring citizen, I am also very worried and concerned about the mushrooming of illegal dumps in out township. That is why I availed myself to play my part to try and resolve this issue. I hope other community members will learn from this initiative that it is both good and important to care for our environment.”