The Deputy Minister of Communications, Pinky Kekana (second from right) captured with Musina FM presenters. The presenters are from left to right: David Mokobi, Sedzani Raphulu, Justice Langa and Lufuno Ndouvhada.

Presenters of Musina FM were overwhelmed with joy when they received an unannounced visit by the Deputy Minister of Communications, Pinky Kekana. The visit was aimed at strengthening the already blossoming relationship between government and community radio stations.

Kekana told presenters that there is nothing more powerful than community media if utilized effectively. She said the influential power and role of community radio stations should always be taken into consideration by local communities, the business sector and local government.

She added that the effectiveness of community radio stations lies upon their support from the stakeholders and communities they serve. “These type of radio stations serve the interests of the community and should be owned and influenced by members of the local community.  Community radios serve a typical geographic community and they should be very careful when packing their programmes and news bulletins. People are more interested in the news and content that affect them than stories that happened far away from where they stay.”

She said there are many advantages of using radio as a medium of communication. “Radio is fast to report and able to give more updates on the news or event on continuous basis in a short space of time. It can spread news easily and can be accessed by majority people, especially those in rural areas where there are no other means of communication. Furthermore, you don’t have to stop what you are doing to listen to the radio because you can listen while doing other tasks. I urge you to use more local content that will have an impact on your local listeners.”

The marketing manager of Musina FM, Justice Langa thanked the deputy minister for visiting and encouraging the staff of the radio station. “We are happy that the deputy minister’s visit came at the right time when we are upgrading our studios. She was very happy to note that there is good progress in the radio station. Her visit will encourage us to work hard to achieve our dream of becoming the best community radio in Limpopo.”

Langa’s sentiments were echoed by David Mokobi, a founding member of Musina FM. He said: “Seeing faces of government visiting and giving us support makes us so proud. We will continue to serve our people with dedication to build a better and informed society.