Contractors working on some of the 138 electricity connections at Tanda village.

Joyce Ndou is a 45-year-old single parent who stays at Tanda village under Musina Municipality. During weekends when she is not working, she spends most of her time collecting wood in the nearby bushes. This is very risky because the local bushes are infested with poisonous snakes and scorpions which can bite her to death. Good news is that, Ndou’s life and those of her neighbours will soon change as they will be able to switch on electricity in their houses for the first very soon.

This comes after the Musina Municipality kicked off with the electrification of 665 households in four villages through the Integrated National Electrification Programme Grant in the Eskom licenced area. The benefitting villages are Malale (154 households), Masisi (44 households), Tanda (138 households) and Tshikhudini (329 households).

Ndou, who works as a security officer, says her three children will be able to study with ease when she finally switch on electricity. “My kids use candles to study and it is very expensive to have them on daily basis. I hope the connections will improve the performance of my kids at school because they will have more time to study without thinking of the shortage of candles. Besides that, I will no longer be forced to go to the bush to fetch fire wood as I will be able to use a stove to prepare a meal. Indeed, life will be easy when we start using electricity in the near future.”

She thanked Musina Municipality for bringing a better life to her village. “We can all agree that our country is now better than it was in 1994.  We really thank our government for coming to our rescue. We were patient and we believed that our government will one day hear our plea of electricity connections in our village. We are happy that our lives will be transformed for the better after the connections. We believe this will also lower the rate of crime as it will no longer be dark at night. Words alone cannot express our gratitude to our government.”

Municipal spokesperson, Wilson Dzebu said the municipality is working tirelessly to improve the lives of the local communities. “This is a culmination of the commitments by Mayor Mihloti Muhlope during her budget speech in June that the municipality will continue to deliver efficient services to its citizens.” Said Dzebu.