Students are ready to realize their educational dreams at Vhembe Tvet College Musina Campus.

“I am happy that my dream of becoming an electrical engineer is about to be realized. In today’s life where education is the foundation of prosperity, I’m excited because I am now facing the future with pride. I really thank the government of the day because it has put a smile on my face.” These are the words of Thovhowani Lazarus Molea, one of the first 120 students to enrol at Vhembe Tvet College Musina Campus. Molea is enrolled for a course in Electrical Engineering.

He says he is delighted to be part of the first batch of students to be registered at the Musina campus. “This is history in the making. Whenever the history of this institution is told, our names will automatically come in. Being the first students of this campus makes us very special but we need to work hard to achieve a hundred percent pass rate so that our next generation should follow in our exemplary footsteps.”

Molea says he has been unable to further his education due to the fact that institutions of higher learning were far from Musina and he could not afford the huge fees because he is unemployed. “Now that I am going to learn here in my doorstep, I will put more effort to make sure that I get my qualification in record time. I am also hopeful that the bursary application I did with the college will come out in my favour so that I can learn without thinking of the pressure of my poor financial background.”

He says he is ready for the Special Economic Zone (SEZ) which has been earmarked for Musina. “We have heard about the SEZ and thousands of jobs that will be created.  Jobs can be created, but if we are not equipped with educational skills, other people will take those jobs because they would be more qualified than us. I am happy that after my course completion, I will be equipped with the relevant skills to contribute in the SEZ or create my own job.”

He encouraged local community members to take education seriously as the study facilities are now available in Musina. “Let us all go to school to get the much needed skills. If we are skilled, we will be able to contribute to the local economy and create jobs for our fellow brothers and sisters.”