A Grade 7 learner at Gateway Primary School in Musina, Katlego Machete was the centre of attraction during the school’s annual award ceremony that recently took place at Musina Showground hall. Machete stole the show when she was called to the stage four times to collect her hard earned trophies during the event. She was the top achiever in Natural Sciences, Life Orientation, Creative Arts and Mathematics.

Gateway school principal, Itani Masithulela (second from right) and his staff photographed shortly after the awards ceremony. Seated are some of the awarded learners with their trophies.

Obviously filled with joy, Machete said she was not surprised by her achievements as she took her studies very seriously from the first school day. “I have been attending afternoon and Saturday classes from January and continue reading on my own when I’m at home. I will continue to represent my school well when I start my secondary education next year. I hope those who are in lower grades will learn that it is possible to achieve your educational goals if you study hard.”

School principal, Mr Itani Masithulela said the annual awards ceremony is meant to recognize learners who have put an extra mile in their school work. He said it is important for the school to have the awards because they boast the morale of the learners. Masithulela said only learners who have achieved 80% and above were awarded. “We have set a very high standard to make sure that only the best are awarded. We are happy that in the previous years, this initiative has helped us to produce some of the best learners around Musina. We keep on receiving reports from local secondary schools that children that are produced in our school are amongst best performers there. This makes us very proud because we know that we are contributing towards the improvement of education in Musina.”   

Masithulela urged parents to take the education of their children very seriously. “Upon investigations, we have found that most of the achieving children are those whose parents have an interest in their school work. Parents should monitor their children’s books and assist their children at all times. The achievement of the child is the responsibilities of both the child, teachers and parents. We all need each other to make sure that our children receive the best education.”