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The message is simple and clear. No violence against women and children will be tolerated. This was demonstrated by hundreds of community members who participated in the 6km walk thorough Musina CBD to raise awareness against the abuse of women and children. The walk started from the municipality offices (Civic Centre) and proceeded through the town to the new Nancefield Community Hall.

Some of the people who participated in the walk to raise awareness against the abuse of women and children.

The Spokesperson of Musina Municipality, Wilson Dzebu said the municipality partnered with various non-profit organizations, community structures, ordinary citizens and government departments.

Dzebu said it is everyone’s duty to create a society that is free of violence against women and children. “This initiative is very important because it aims at raising awareness amongst South Africans about the negative impact of violence against women and children. We hear and read about cases of violence and abuse every day, but we continue pretending as if it is not real, simply because it has not affected us personally. You do not have to be in a violent relationship to know that there are women and children who are being abused every day.”

He pleaded with every member of the community to assist in eradicating violence against women and children. “Let’s encourage our neighbours, schoolmates, colleagues and the community as a whole to speak out against women and children abuse. Musina Municipality calls each and every member of the community to commit in rejecting any form of violence against vulnerable person, regardless of gender and nationality. Remember, violence continues because we turn a blind eye to it and we do not want to be involved thinking that it is not our problem.”

He added that  South Africa needs men who are responsibly enough to stand together and reject the acts of violence against women and children, and who are courageous to go around spreading the messages of a country free of violence.  “Let us create awareness about gender based violence and child directed abuse from an early stage. Musina Municipality is committed to make this campaign against gender-based violence a yearlong campaign and not just limited to 16 days.”

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