The 68-year-old granny, Teboho Meriam Phiri, has no doubt that she will pass her Grade 12 examinations with flying colours. She is captured while studying at her usual spot at the Nancefield Library.

“It is never too old to learn.” This is a wise advice from a 68-year-old granny Teboho Meriam Phiri who is looking forward to acquiring her Grade 12 certificate this year. Phiri, from Musina Nancefield has registered part time and she is going to write her final examinations at Musina High School between May and June this year. She has registered for seven subjects which she hopes to pass with flying colours.

She said jubilantly: “I will be writing Life Science, History, Geography, Maths Literacy, Sesotho, English and Religious Education. My studies is my number one priority and nothing will stand on my way. Come examination time, I will pass all my subjects with very high marks.”

While some grannies of her age spend most of the time at the beerhalls, Phiri has her usual spot at Nancefield Library where she dreams, eats and drink books. Local library users know that if she misses a day, she might not be well or attending to something very serious.  Seating on her desk at the library, Phiri said she realized that despite her advanced age, having a Grade 12 certificate will open many doors for her in life.   “As a person who likes preparing food, I’m looking at a career in events management with special emphasis to catering. I then realized that it is important for me to pass Grade 12 first so that I can enrol for a course in events management. I have no doubt that I will definitely achieve this in my lifetime.”

As a staunch Christian, Phiri says she also has an interest on enrolling for a theology course so that she could become a qualified pastor. “It was clear for me that it would be very difficult for me to register in a credible theology institution without a Grade 12 certificate. I enjoy the word of God but it will be important for me to study theology so that I can learn how to become a professional preacher. Yes, I’m old but age will never be a stumbling block to realize my dreams.”

She said apart from studying in the library, she also prefers to study during the night when it is less noisy. “My grandchildren like to spend time with me and I also give them the grandmotherly love. They also enjoy watching television in the evenings and I give them space to do so. I wait for them to sleep so that I can get time to study at night. This is paying off because it is advancing my objective of effective study time management.”

And her advice to other grannies is: “Never say I will do tomorrow what can be done today.  Age is just a number and we all have the potential of achieving what we have set in life. Let’s get down and study while we are still counted amongst the living.”