Schuitdrift farm school learners proudly hold their municipal calendars. They are captured with Mayor Mihloti Muhlope and school principal Samson Nekhubvi.

“It is important to know your councillors, their contact numbers and where they stay. This will help you when you have something very urgent that you would like to be attended to. Besides that, you reduce the travelling costs because you will not need to visit their offices to report minor things relating to service delivery. If you don’t have airtime, you can easily walk to their homes and raise your issues without any difficulty.” These were the words of Musina Mayor, Cllr Mihloti Muhlope.  She was recently addressing learners and educators at Schuitdrift farm school.

During the occasion, Muhlope distributed the 2019 Musina Municipality calendars to everyone at the school. “I’m not giving you these calendars to decorate your homes and staff rooms. If you look at them, there is something very special and unique about these calendars. They have the pictures of all the councillors, their wards and direct contact numbers. This simply means that you will be able to contact them without worrying about the regulated office hours at the municipality. Your direct link to your elected representatives will simplify life and services will come directly to you without any struggle.”

Muhlope said it is good for the communities because the calendars also have the emergency numbers that people need on daily basis. “If you keep these calendars safely, you will not need to ask someone for the contact numbers of the police, hospital, fire services, ambulance, water and electricity. All you need is just to keep your eyes on the calendars to get these numbers and dial them straight away in the comfort of your home.”

She says the initiative is part of building a sound relationship between the municipality and its stakeholders. “We have made sure that these calendars are available in all public places and households in all wards so that our people can easily keep in touch with us. Besides that, we are also targeting the schools because we want our young ones to know their leaders at a tender age. This will help them to associate easily with their leadership on daily basis – thereby grooming them to be future responsible leaders by learning form their political representatives.”

School principal, Samson Nekhubvi thanked the mayor for taking time to visit the school and empowering the learners and educators with the much needed knowledge.