Some of the worshippers who took part in the Jesus March event which took place at the parking lot of Musina Municipality offices.

The March for Jesus, which took place at the parking lot of Musina Municipality offices, was a huge success. Organised by the national organizations Kingdom Nation and Christian Consensus, the event saw worshippers wore white and waved white flags to raise awareness about the awakening of the kingdom of Christ and to dedicate the country to the Lord.

The parking lot was painted all white as worshippers sang and danced while at the same time praising the Lord through spiritual dedication and prayers.

Christian Consensus stands for  zero tolerance for crime, accountable leaders elected by the people, peace, leadership that honours God, laws that glorify God, biblical family values, sanctity of life, inclusive and productive economy, high quality education to all and religious freedom and constitutionalism. It is a nation-building initiative which restores the walls of South Africa through Godly transformation.

The organization recognizes Jesus Christ as the Head of State in the Republic of South Africa and His reign will be acknowledged in all spheres of government, the legislature, the executive, administration which are defined in the constitution as distinctive interdependence and interrelated and independent judiciary.

Christian Consensus lead through serving and good stewardship to fulfil the potential and promises God has given the nation. It declares that there is only one God whom they will serve and honour with all their hearts, minds and actions according to His revealed will and standards as recorded in the Bible and the example set by Jesus Christ and under the unction of the Holy Spirit.

The God-fearing organization recognizes that Jesus Christ is the highest authority before whom every knee shall bow, and every tongue confess. They strive for diversity resulting in the right of self-determination, mother tongue education and freedom of religious choice are acknowledged as well as respect for all cultures and traditions.  They pledge to teach and apply Kingdom values, principles and ethics to all our personal lives, private and public organizations.

Pastor Soois Marais of the local Christ Identity Church is one of the people who attended the event. He said he was happy to be part of the nation building initiative which helps to spread the word of God.