“This initiative will lower the percentage of absenteeism in our schools and it will also encourage us to study hard without minding about the lack of basic needs like the sanitary pads we received here today.” These are the words of Rinavho Mulaudzi, a grade 10 learner from Musina High School. Mulaudzi is one of the 20 girls from Musina and Renaissance High Schools who received boxes of sanitary pads from the Mayor of Musina, Cllr Mihloti Muhlope at Musina Municipality Council Chambers.

Mhlope said it is very important for the municipality to support children in their education. “The municipality has various interventions to improve the standard of education in local schools. We understand that there are parents who cannot afford to provide basic needs for their children and that is where we come in as a sphere of government which is closest to the people.”

Muhlope said the time for a girl child to stay away from school because of the shortage of sanitary pads should be a thing of the past. “Sanitary pads are basic needs for the girl child and they should be easily accessible to everyone. No girl child should miss school because her parents cannot afford to buy sanitary pads. We are doing everything possible to make sure that education is easily accessible to every child.”

She said learners should never allow their poor backgrounds to dictate their future. “Study hard and give yourself time to do school work. Success starts during the first day at the beginning of the academic year. Listen to your teachers and stay away from bad friends who will influence you to drink alcohol and abuse drugs. Your educational dreams should be based on hard work, dedication and the desire to succeed. There is no need to worry about your future because there are plenty of bursaries waiting for you out there. The municipality also has a mayoral bursary scheme that assists deserving learners from indigent families. The most important thing is for you to produce good results.”

Another learner who received the sanitary pads is Charmaine Dhliwayo. She said: “We are so pleased to receive these gifts and we thank the Mayor for coming to our rescue.”