The Mayor of Musina, Cllr Mihloti Muhlope hands over some of the sanitary pads to the learners of Schuitdrift Farm School. Also in the photo is school principal, Samson Nekhubvi

Memory Ndou (16), is a learner at Schuitdrift Farm School outside Musina. She used to skip lessons some days because she could not afford the “luxury” of accessing sanitary pads. But things have changed for the better for Memory and her peers when they received boxes of sanitary pads from the Mayor of Musina, Cllr Mihloti Muhlope. The event took place at the school.

Muhlope said she understands the plight of the learners in the farm school because the majority of the parents are either unemployed or indigent. She added that it was important for government leaders to contribute to the development of education in the areas of their jurisdiction. “As leaders, we should stand up and assist these leaders instead of waiting for some people from afar to come and make changes here. We acknowledge that we also have limited resources but we stretch our arms and assist where possible. Our view is that no girl child in the Musina municipal area should stay away from school because of the lack of sanitary pads.”

She told the learners never to allow their poor backgrounds to dictate their future. “Study hard and give yourself time to do school work. Success starts during the first day at the beginning of the academic year. Listen to your teachers and stay away from bad friends who will influence you to drink alcohol and abuse drugs. Your educational dreams should be based on hard work, dedication and the desire to succeed. There is no need to worry about your future because there are plenty of bursaries waiting for you out there. The most important thing is for you to produce good results.”

Representing the learners, Memory Ndou said they are very happy after receiving sanitary pads from the mayor. “We are very excited to be blessed with these gifts because they mean a lot to us girl learners. We stay here in farms and at times it is very difficult to access things like sanitary pads. This will definitely simplify our learning here at school.”