Musina Mayor, Cllr Mihloti Muhlope (in black and white dress) captured with senior members of the UAAC during the conference proceedings at Musina.

The Mayor of Musina, Cllr Mihloti Muhlope urged churches, community structures and the local community to work together to restore peace and morals in the society.  Muhlope was addressing thousands of congregants during the United African Apostolic Church’s conference which was held at the new Nancefield Community Hall.

Muhlope said her municipality has a very good working relationship with churches and community structures. “Let us not just open the doors of our church buildings every Sunday morning, but let us daily open the doors of our hearts to those around us so that they may see the change in us brought about by the love of Jesus Christ being abundant in our lives. With the help of the church, community structures and society, we can successfully restore peace, love and harmony in our society.”

She thanked the leadership of the UAAC for choosing Musina to host their conference. “We have no doubt that we will be abundantly showered with blessings after this conference. We are very lucky to be amongst the preferred hosts by the church leadership.”

She said the role of the church in community development cannot be over-emphasized. “This message is addressed to those who have a heart to bring hope and healing to the broken communities and believe that the church has an important role to play in this endeavor. Over the past years, the church has played a vital role in community development, both in rural and urban areas. The church and various community structures can also play a major role to alleviate chronic poverty and bring development in the community.”

She added said it is clear that we are living in a time of great peril with a demoralizing affect and the progressive destruction of our families and communities.  “The best thing is to make everyone an evangelist to their own families first. We can do this by preaching love and peace every day. We must not attempt to reach the world, while we lose our own families. Love and peace have to start at home.  We are obliged to carrying out this command of love in the society in which we live.  We have to ask ourselves again if the influence of the church is really positively affecting the society in which we live.”