The Mayor’s Bursary Fund:


1. In responding to the needs of the community we serve, Musina Local Municipality has established a Bursary fund to assist learners with good performance from disadvantaged communities who cannot access tertiary education due to poverty.

2. The bursary will be disbursed through the Mayor’s office and it will be called the Mayor’s Bursary Fund.

3. The bursary will fund the following: Registration, Tuition fee, books and accommodation.

4. The Municipality acknowledge the fact that there are numerous needy children given the context of our Municipality. However, the fund can only be given to few learners and this is seen as a contribution towards a better life for all.


A. Eligible learners must be residents of Musina Local Municipality.

B. Their parents must be unemployed or classified as indigent, or earning less than R3500pm.

C. Learners must be in grade 12 during the current financial year or should have passed grade 12.

D. Preference will be given to all learners who passed grade 12.

E. Special cases received by the Mayor which are aimed at assisting learners with potential mainly from disadvantaged communities who are not able to access tertiary education.