Captured during the delivery of the food consignment are from left to right: Musina Mayor, Cllr Mihloti Muhlope, Cllr Fistos Mafela (Chief Whip), Cllr Gilbert Nethsisaulu (Speaker) and the donor, Shah Allam of SA Cash and Carry. The food was handed over to the Department of Social Development for distribution.

“We did not want to take a back seat and observe while the less privileged community members continue to starve during this difficult time of the Covid 19 crises. Our contributions will go a long way for those who are unable to make the ends meet during this trying times.” These were the words of Mr Shah Allam, the owner of the Musina based retailer, SA Cash and Carry shortly after handing over a food consignment worth over R100 000.00 to the Department of Social Development. The food, which is enough for 500 families, will be distributed by Social Development officials to the destitute families in all 12 wards of Musina Municipality.  The handing over ceremony took place at Musina showground.

The food consignment contained 500 bags of 10kg maize meal, 1 000 cans of baked beans, 500 containers of 2l cooking oil, 250 containers of 3kg mayonnaise, 517 units of 2l fruit juice, 500 bags of 500g macaroni, 500 packs of teabags, 500 units of soap and 20 containers of 1l drinking mageu.

Allam said he felt that this is the time whereby the people of Musina need his assistance most. “Although we have been assisting communities in the past, we felt that we should up our game because we are now in an unexpected disaster.  These are the people who support our businesses and we felt it is important for us to plough back during this unpleasant times.  We understand that there are people who are unable to buy any food now and it is our duty to assist government to fight against poverty and hunger. When we realized that there is need to help, we never thought twice and we quickly jumped in to assist.”

Musina Mayor, Cllr Mihloti Muhlope thanked Mr Allam for his generosity and emphasized that the Department of Social Development will distribute the food parcels without any political interference. “The Department of Social Development has a data base for the needy and they will distribute accordingly to those who qualify in all corners of our municipality. This donation will go a long way in assisting our less privileged community members who are struggling to put some food on the table during this Covid 19 ordeal. We are very privileged to have people like the Mr Allam and we hope other businesses will take a positive lesson of life from him.”

Muhlope urged the business sector, political parties, community stakeholders and the public to work with government to assist destitute families. “We need to put our differences aside and fight against the common enemy, which is the Croronavirus. This is a disaster and government alone cannot win this war without the assistance of other stakeholders.”