Musina Municipal Manager, Nathi Tshiwanammbi (left) takes notes as one of the municipal employees voices her opinion during the meeting.

Despite his busy schedule, the Municipal Manager of Musina Municipality, Mr Nathi Tshiwanammbi made time to interact with all municipal workers to seek their inputs on the municipality’s service delivery operation strategy. Tshiwanammbi had two separate meetings. The first one was for the office based staff and another one was for the field service delivery staff.

He said it was important to have the meetings because the municipality closed its last financial year at the end of June. “It is always good to start the new financial year in a clean slate despite all the challenges we are faced with. We might have limited resources and manpower, but if we have happy employees, we can be able to go an extra mile in delivering basic services to our people.”

Tshiwanammbi says he understands that there are labour formations that represent the employees in the workplace. “We do have engagements with the workers unions from time to time but it was important to give each individual worker an opportunity to voice out their opinions in the workplace. An employer who does not interact with employees is likely to fail due to poor performance of estranged workers who do not know where to direct their frustrations. Like all other meetings we conducted with the workers previously, we are still going to meet workers occasionally to motivate them to put more effort in our service delivery mandate.”

One of the workers, Charles Mokwena said workers were doing their best to deliver efficient services but they had challenges that need to be addressed. “We are happy that the Municipal Manager has organized this meeting so that we can air our views. We hope that the issues we raised here today will be taken into consideration urgently so that we can be able to execute our duties with ease.” Said Mokwena.