Representatives from Musina Municipality, Premier’s Office, Musina Disability Forum and Vhembe TVET College captured during the Musina Disabled Forum career expo.

The councillor responsible for special programmes in Musina Municipality, Cllr Peggy Nyabane said disabled people have the right to access education without prejudice. Nyabane was speaking during the Musina Disabled Forum career expo that was held at the new Nancefield community hall. The expo was jointly organized by the Limpopo Office of the Premier, Musina Municipality, the Musina Disability Forum and Vhembe Tvet College.

Some of the vital topics discussed during the workshop included the importance of NSFAS bursaries and how to apply, disability disclosures and reasonable accommodation measures offered to students by various designated colleges and learnership programmes offered by various SETA’s to the disabled people.

Nyabane encouraged disabled people to take education seriously in order to improve their lives. “The fact that you are disabled does not make you different from others. In fact, you are differently abled because there are other things that you can do better than most people. You are very fortunate because our government is doing its best to help disadvantaged community members to access education through various bursaries.”

She said it is worrisome that disabled people are not well represented in workplace and in various social aspects. “Although government is doing its best to integrate the disabled people in various aspects, there is still much to be done to empower disabled people in our country. However, disabled people also have the role to play to make sure that they are well represented in the community.”

The Chairperson of Musina Disability Forum, Taki Motloisi said the workshop was very important because it benefited local disabled community members who needed knowledge to improve their lives. “As disabled people, we have a role to play in the improvement of lives in our country. We are very delighted that we have the support of our government and various stakeholders. As people with disabilities, this is the time to prove ourselves that we can also contribute to the economic development of our country. But this can only be achieved if we are educated. I encourage my colleagues to get qualifications so that they can have something to lean on when days are dark.”

Mr Maluta Mulibana from the Premier’s Office thanked all the disabled people who attended the workshop. “The fact that you have decided to leave everything to come and attend this important workshop is proof that you are serious about your lives. We have no doubt that after this workshop, you will have a new mind-set that will lead you into a new person all together.” Said Mulibana.