Musina Mayor, Cllr Mihloti Muhlope says all the indigent subsidies that are in the system will still be regarded as active.

Indigent community members who receive free services from Musina Municipality need not worry during the new financial year which started on 01 July 2020. During this time of the year annually, indigent community members used to visit municipal offices in large numbers to apply and register for indigent subsidies.  Due to Covid 19 regulations that prohibits community members from gathering in groups, Musina Municipality has come up with an easier solution to simplify the process.

The municipality says all the indigent subsidies that are in the system will still be regarded as active during new financial year.

Musina Mayor, Cllr Mihloti Muhlope said it is unfortunate that the Covid 19 pandemic is forcing the municipality to operate differently from the past. “During this time of the year, our offices would be flooded with indigent community members who desperately need those free services from us. It is clear that because of their indigent status, they will not even be able to apply these services online. The municipality saw it fit that those who are currently benefiting do not need to reapply for the new financial year.”

Muhlope says each beneficiary of the municipality’s indigent policy receives 6 kilolitres of water, 55 kilowatts of electricity and hundred percent free sewer and refuse removal services every month. She says indigents are people whose joint family monthly income is R3 500.00 or less. Currently, the municipality is providing approximately 3 000 indigents with free services.