Musina municipal offices have been fogged, fumigated and sanitized to prepare for the phased return of employees.

Following the easing of other lockdown regulations and downgrading to level 3, Musina Municipality has fogged, fumigated and sanitized municipal buildings and workplace in preparation of phased return of employees to work.

Municipal spokesperson, Wilson Dzebu said although the essential services are going on smoothly as earlier planned, it is the responsibility of the municipality to make sure that phased employees who would return to work should be safe at all times. “This is not only done to protect the municipal workforce but we would also like to guarantee the safety of community members who come to the municipality for services. We can only win this war against the coronavirus by tackling it head-on and aggressively to make sure that we remerge to normal life within a short space of time.”

Dzebu urged community members to also play their roles to curb the spread of the pandemic. “This is a very tough situation which faces all of us. Each one must contribute to make a change where they stay. We can also contribute by observing the highest form of hygiene, including putting on our masks and washing hands with soap at all times. The issue of social distancing should also be practiced without compromise.”

He said the municipality will issue an official communique within a short space of time to indicate which services will be phased in. “We are happy that the process went on swiftly but we don’t want to rush and end up regretting. We are operating in a disaster and we are all coming across this situation for the first time. However, as a responsible government, we will put all precautionary measures in place to curb the spread of this pandemic.”

He thanked the essential workers for sacrificing their time and energy during these difficult times. “These are men and women who are in the forefront of service delivery while we are all required to stay at home. We really thank them and appreciate the great work that they are doing. Their contribution to the improvement of people’s lives will never go unnoticed.”