Photographed shortly after the engagements of the Nemushungwa Royal Family and Musina Municipality are seated from left to right: Godfrey Nemushungwa, the Nemushungwa Royal Family leader Calvin Nthanyiseni Nemushungwa, Raphalalani Neluvhimbi, Nndwamato Nemushungwa and Tshidaho Ephraim Nemushungwa. Standing: Nthatheni Nemushungwa, Azwinndini Nemushungwa, Cllrs Fistos Mafela (Chief Whip), Siyaphi Shirilele and Gilbert Netshisaulu (Council Speaker).

“The Nemushungwa Royal family wants to become partners with the government in order to reverse the injustices of the past. We will make sure that the government is informed and participate in every move that we take because unity is the only weapon that will help us to push back the frontiers of poverty.” These were the words of the Nemushungwa Royal Family leader, Calvin Nthanyiseni Nemushungwa.

He was addressing the leadership of Musina Municipality during the courtesy meeting that was held at Mopane, near Bokmakirrie. The meeting was held just before the prohibition of gatherings as a result of the second wave of Covid 19.

The Nemushungwa Royal Family invited the Musina Municipality to the meeting in order to introduce themselves as one of the stakeholders to be considered when the municipality take service delivery decisions. The Nemushungwas have claimed pieces of land around the Mopane area.

Musina Municipality was represented by Council Speaker, Cllr Gilbert Netshisaulu, Cllr Fistos Mafela (Chief Whip) and local ward councillor, Cllr Siyaphi Shirilele.

Nemushungwa said it was a historic day for them to meet the Musina Municipality because they recognize local government as the entry point for service delivery. “We understand that the leadership of the municipality is always busy but the fact that they decided to put everything aside to come and attend to us here today means a lot. This gives us hope that we have find good partners who will always be there for us whenever we need them. As Nemushungwa Royal Family, we don’t want to do things parallel from the plans of the municipality. We want to partner government in every developmental programme we initiate. In return, we will support the municipality and government in all developmental programmes aimed at improving the lives the people.”

The Speaker of Musina Municipality, Cllr Gilbert Netshisaulu said the municipality is prepared to work with all stakeholders to advance service delivery. “We are pleased to have met the Nemushungwa Royal Family today and we will continue to engage with various stakeholders within our municipality so that they can also become part of the municipality planning and decision making processes.”