The Communications Manager of Musina Municipality, Wilson Dzebu said a well-crafted communication strategy plays a vital role in the effective communication system of the municipality. Dzebu was speaking to government communicators, members of ward committees and representatives of community structures during the review of Musina Municipality communication strategy.

Some of the government communicators, members of ward committees and representatives of community structures captured shortly after the review of Musina Municipality communication strategy last week.

He said the communication strategy guides the Council of Musina Municipality on how to effectively communicate government programmes to empower community members. “The fact that we have a credible communication strategy demonstrates that the Municipality is committed to a transparent and effective relationship with its internal and external stakeholders and does so by a process of consultation and information dissemination. The Municipality acknowledges that it has a responsibility to inform its internal and external stakeholders of identified issues, challenges, progress made and results achieved in addressing its mandate. This has to be done in an accurate, timeous, relevant and understandable manner to ensure that it reports its achievements and challenges with regard to its mandate. The municipality must also ensure that it is visible, accessible and answerable to the public it serves. After the inputs made by communicators, we will consolidate the document and submit it to Council for adoption.”

Dzebu added that the communication strategy also gives direction on who communicates what types of messages within the municipality. “By taking the needs of our target audience into account, it becomes easier for us to communicate effectively. The communication strategy seeks to ensure that the Musina Local Municipality acknowledges the importance of communications as a strategic management function and integral part of its daily functioning.”

He said the majority of the service delivery protests can be averted if government communicators have effective communication strategies which guides them to communicate the achievements of the state effectively. “Research tells us that some of our community members go to the streets because of lack of information. Government has done a lot to improve the lives of the South Africans since 1994 but we still lack behind in telling those good stories to our communities. It is the duty of the government communicator to inform community members about the good things that government is doing. Besides good things, challenges and interventions must also be effectively communicated to the people.”

Some of the stakeholders who did presentations during the meeting includes the Independent Electoral Commission and Government Communications.