Participants, led by the Manager responsible for Parks, Waste Management and Recreation at Musina Municipality, Rendani Kutama (second from right) participate in the clean-up campaign in Musina Town.

Following a resolution taken during the recent Biodiversity Day celebration, the clean-up campaign that took place in Musina town was an overwhelming success. According to the Manager responsible for Parks, Waste Management and Recreation at Musina Municipality, Rendani Kutama, it was important to conduct the clean-up campaign to demonstrate that the municipality is serious about promoting clean environment in the Musina area.

Kutama said the recent Biodiversity Day Celebration targeted a few identified stakeholders and it was important to share the message with a vast audience in Musina. “We thought we could do it better by encouraging our community members to take part in this clean-up campaign, thereby instilling the spirit of keeping the environment at all times.  The public need to know that keeping the environment clean should be a way of life because the more we preserve the earth, the more our people and natural resources will live longer.”

She said the clean-up campaign took place in town because they wanted to attract many people to participate. “We specifically targeted our town because many people spend most of their time there working and running their daily errands. We have also done clean-up campaigns in rural areas and in townships and we will continue to do so to encourage our people to take environmental health seriously. Environmental health is everyone’s responsibility, not only does it save the area one is in, it also saves the planet. It starts with one person’s decision to throw an empty bottle or paper on the ground, then the next person follows and littering becomes a norm.”

She said not only did the clean-up campaign address environmental issues, in a way, it also helped to reduce crime. “During the clean-up campaign, we found dozens of empty bottles of medication in one spot which we suspect that some people use as a drug. We suspect that they are using this medication to get high because it has a high percentage of alcohol. We have vowed to keep the area clean at all times because this will help us to reduce crime in our area.”