Nyadzani Sarah Ndou (106) pictured on her new wheelchair in front of her new house. Pictured with her are from left to right: Cllr Dorcus Makhura, Cllr Nkele Milanzi, Mayor Mihloti Muhlope, Vhulahani Mulaudzi (Ndou’s daughter), Rampete Rangata of Ramkol Construction and Projects and Ernest Phungo from Mabvete Royal Council.

“I am the happiest person on earth today. If I die now, I shall be happy.” These were the words of Nyadzani Sarah Ndou (106) of Mabvete village after receiving her four-roomed fully furnished house, a VIP toilet and wheelchair from Musina Mayor, Cllr Mihloti Muhlope. Ndou, who stays with her 79-year-old daughter and three great grandchildren, lived in a one roomed house built of rocks and has never benefitted from any housing programme provided by the government.

Mabvete village now falls under Ward 8 of Musina Municipality. It is one of the more than 50 villages that were incorporated from the defunct Mutale Municipality after the new municipal boundaries two years ago.

Ndou said she is happy that she was honoured with her own house despite her advanced age. She thanked all the Good Samaritans who made sure that her dream is realized.

Ndou’s daughter, Vhulahani Mulaudzi said life was tough for her and her mother while they were staying in the one-roomed house. “We built the room ourselves many years ago and it was becoming very dangerous to live in. When it is hot, the sun rays gets in and during rainy times, everything became wet. We are very thankful to the Good Samaritans and words alone cannot express our happiness.”

Vhulahani continued: “Despite my advanced age, I can walk unaided but my mother no longer walks on her own. I’m happy she now has a new wheelchair which will make her movements easier. The new and bigger toilet will make our lives easier. I pray that God should bless the donors abundantly.”

The Director of Ramkol Construction and Projects, Rampete Rangata, whose company built the house, the toilet and bought the furniture, said he was happy that he has put a smile on Nyadzani’s face and her family. “We felt the need to contribute in providing a decent shelter for this family as part of our company’s social responsibility programme. We have done a lot to our communities and we will continue to do so in order to improve the lives of our people.”

Mayor Mihloti Muhlope said government will continue to work with various stakeholders to address service delivery backlogs. “We are happy that together with our partners, we are succeeding in improving the lives of our people. We wish this family good luck and we are happy that they now have a decent place they call home.”