Vhavenda Vho-Malusi Nemalale of Malale village praised the leadership of Musina Municipality for being available whenever the local communities need them.  “We are happy that we invited you to come and meet us here today and you obliged. The fact that you have decided to put everything aside to come and be with us here today is a true indication that you are serious about service delivery.  We hope other leaders will learn from you that it is important to put people first.”

He was speaking at a community meeting at Malale village recently. The meeting was meant to address service delivery challenges at Malale village which falls under Ward 9 of Musina Municipality. The delegation from Musina Municipality comprised of Mayor Mihloti Muhlope, Council Speaker Gilbert Netshisaulu, Chief Whip Fistos Mafela, Cllr Titus Netshipale and Municipal Manager, Nathi Tshiwanammbi.

Vhavenda Vho-Malusi Nemalale (left) and Vhakoma Vho-Amos Munyai (right) captured with Mayor Mihloti Muhlope shortly after the meeting at Malale village.

Nemalale said he and his colleagues are readily available to work with Musina Municipality to improve service delivery. He added: “You will realise that we avail ourselves in all the meetings of the municipality. This should give you assurance that we are always there to assist whenever you need us. We can only improve the lives of our people through cooperation, tolerance and understanding one another.”

The Mayor of Musina, Cllr Mihloti Muhlope said the leadership of the municipality accepts invitations from all community members and stakeholders to discuss service delivery issues. “We were invited to come here today and we did not take it lightly. If there are issues, we don’t have to wait for mayoral imbizos to raise them. We are glad that this community saw the need for us to converge here today and they never wasted time by postponing their engagements with us. No government will ever prosper without the full involvement of the community it serves.”

Muhlope said the municipality has an open door policy and community members should never hesitate to engage the leadership. “We are leaders because we have people who voted for us. You voted us to power so that we can assist you to improve your lives. It is only through cooperation that we can build this community into a strong and independent nation.”

The issues discussed during the meeting included challenges relating to the electrification project at Malale, lack of constant water supply and issues in relation to improvement of services at Malale municipal satellite office. Responses were given and it was agreed that a follow up meeting to monitor progress will be convened in due course.