Download the Notice: Notice Postponed of Tender 06-201920

Following the outbreak of COVID-19 resulting in extreme measures declared by the state including a declaration of a National Disaster and the resultant national lockdown prohibiting amongst others freedom of movement and normal municipal operations other than provision of essential services, prospective bidders that attended the briefing session for Tender 06-2019/20 are hereby notified that the closing date, time and related procurement processes for Tender number 06-2019/20 is hereby deferred until further notice.

The municipality is considering extending the closing date set for the Tender to a date to be determined post the lockdown subject to further advice and/or determination by the relevant authority.

We will accordingly communicate further with bidders that attended the briefing session on developments on the matter as soon as the environment permits, as things stand the closing date is hereby postponed and deferred to a date to be determined and communicated directly with prospective bidders as per the briefing session records
Direct all enquiries regarding this notice to Mary Siziba (Manager SCM)