Event organizers, guests and school kids captured during the pedestrian safety campaign.

The increasing number of road accidents reported in the Musina municipality areas is a worrying factor for the local leadership. This was revealed by the Acting Mayor of Musina Municipality, Cllr Nkele Milanzi. She was addressing school kids, community stakeholders and invited guests during the Pedestrian Safety Awareness Campaign which was recently held next to the N1 road in Musina.

Milanzi said the timing of the campaign came at the right time. “The statistics from our local police and traffic officials show us that accidents in our roads are increasing timeously. That is why we deemed it fit to organize this event which will play a meaningful role in saving the lives of our people. Although the accidents affect both drivers, pedestrians and passengers, our main focus here today is the pedestrians. This is one of the reasons why we held this campaign here next to the N1 pedestrian crossing.”

She said most of the pedestrians are knocked down by vehicles either because they are not visible enough or by crossing the road in undesignated spots. “We are handing over more than 100 reflective vests to you here today to make sure that you are visible enough when you cross the roads. Always make sure that you wear these reflective vests when you approach a pedestrian crossing or a stop sign. The chances of you being knocked by a vehicle when you have a reflective vest are lower than of those without reflective vests.”

She advised those who drink alcohol to refrain from using the roads when drunk. “Most of our roads here in Musina have pedestrian walkways and we advise you to use them more often.  It is also advisable to buy alcohol and drink at home instead of moving up and down after drinking. Drinking at home minimizes the chances of you being knocked by vehicles because you will be stationed in the comfort of your home.”

Milanzi further advised learners to observe the rules of the road at all times. “Children are the future leaders of this country and we want them to live long so that they can help in developing our country. Make sure you cross the road only when it is safe to do so. If you are reluctant, always ask an adult to assist you so that you can cross the road safely.”

She concluded by applauding the good work performed by traffic officials and other stakeholders in making sure that our roads are safe at all times.

The manager responsible for traffic at Musina Municipality, Mr Ailwei Mutele thanked all