The Mayor of Musina, Cllr Mihloti Muhlope warned young school girls about the dangers of blessers, alcohol abuse and drugs. She was addressing 20 young girls from Musina and Renaissance High Schools during the Take A Girl Child To Work Campaign at Musina Municipality.  The girls had an opportunity to work in various sections of the municipality for the whole day. The aim was to stimulate them to take education seriously and to assist them to choose their future careers with ease.

Mayor Mihloti Muhlope (right) and Cllr Peggy Nyabane engage with girl learners from Renaissance High School at Musina Municipality. The learners are from left to right: Puseletso Mphalo, Mary Banda and Khethiwa Mikateko.

Muhlope said the problem of the blessers affects all community members and everyone must join hands to fight it. “The worst part is that those blessers don’t really love you because they have their own families. All they need is to use, dump you and destroy your future. They care less about your future because they are already enjoying theirs. They can afford everything they need and they will lure you through nice material things. Besides that, they would infect you with sexual transmitted diseases which might lead to your premature death.”

She encouraged the girls to take education as their first priority. “When I look at you, I see future mayors, doctors, teachers, nurses, engineers and state presidents. Don’t allow your poor financial background to determine your future because there are lots of bursaries out there to finance your education. We also have a mayoral bursary here at the municipality which assists deserving students to realize their educational dreams.”

Muhlope said the municipality has a youth office that has an obligation to empower and keep young people busy. “You are presently on adolescence stage and if you don’t take care of yourselves, you might lose your future easily. We always make sure that our youth offices keep you busy by organizing educational workshops, sports activities and talent search campaigns. We have trust in you and we have no doubt that you will grow to be responsible future leaders of our country.”

Siyanda Mda (18) is a Grade 10 learner from Musina High School who was part of the group that worked at Musina Municipality for a day. She said: “The initiative was a learning curve and I’m highly motivated to study hard. We thank the mayor and the municipality for giving us this opportunity and that is why we grasped it with both hands. On behalf of all the girls, I commit that we will study hard because this initiative has ignited our educational dreams of becoming better persons in future.”