Mrs Hellen Campbell is one of the community members who stays in Cheyne Street, Musina. She recently visited the offices of Musina Municipality to report about several criminal activities that are taking place around her area. Two days later, municipal workers were already in the area erecting additional street lights.

Musina municipal workers busy erecting additional street lights at Cheyne Street.

Obviously filled with joy, Campbell said: “I’m very excited that the municipality responded positively to our plea for help. I really appreciate the leadership of the municipality for their quick response because crime was becoming a problem here. This is what we call efficient service delivery and we pride ourselves by having leaders who take the needs of their communities seriously.”

Campbell urges other community members to work with the municipality, police and community structures to fight crime in their areas. “Ours is a testimony that our municipality is readily available to assist. Words alone cannot expresses our heartfelt gratitude. We are so proud of our municipality.”

Municipal spokesperson, Wilson Dzebu said the municipality regards safety of community members as one of its priority. “Safety of our community is one of our priority areas that we don’t compromise on. Crime affects us all and it is our duty to make sure that criminals are exposed and face the tough arm of the law. The municipality alone cannot win the war against crime but it needs collective efforts by all of us to eradicate criminal activities. It is upon us to turn our municipality into a safe area to stay and invest. It will be very difficult to attract investors if we do not jointly work hard to decrease the rate of crime in our municipality.”

Dzebu says despite the fact that the municipality is erecting additional street lights, the municipality is engaging with the police and safety community structures to keep an eye on the area. “We have a very good working relationship with the police and community structures that fight crime. We urge our people to work with these structures to fight crime in their areas.”

He added that he is happy that the municipality has put a smile on someone who came with a complaint. “Our quick response goes a long way in exercising our mandate of delivering quality services to our people.”