Captured with the pumpkins produced at the Mangalis Farm in Musina Campbell are from left to right: Itani Dzebu (Musina Municipality Local Economic Development Unit), local farmer Rekkie Moyo, Khathutshelo Mudau (co-owner of Mangalis Farm), Mayor Mihloti Muhlope, Cllr Jeremia Khunwana, Engelinah Matshete (co-owner of Mangalis Farm) and Domnic Nkwana (PA to Musina Mayor).

“Government should support farmers because they feed the nation and create job opportunities for those who were formally unemployed. A government that does not support its farmers is deemed to fail and its people will starve – thereby impacting negatively to service delivery, economic and community development.” These were the words of the Mayor of Musina, Cllr Mihloti Muhlope.   She was talking to emerging farmers at Musina Campbell. The visit was aimed to monitor progress, identify challenges and develop strategies on how the municipality can help them grow.

Muhlope said farming is a backbone of the economy because farmers play a major role in growing the economy of any country. “We are all healthy and working for our communities because farmers have provided us with food.  If there is no food, we cannot survive and we should thank farmers because they are working hard to feed the nation.”

She said Musina is preparing to become a city in the near future and there will be thousands of people who will relocate there. “We are expecting a huge influx to our town and those people will need food. Imagine what will happen if our local farmers are not ready for the influx. Besides that, Musina has been declared a provincial growth point and a Special Economic Zone. All these huge developments should be supported by our farmers in terms of food provision. We will all agree that farmers play a very important role in developing the nation.”

Khathutshelo Mudau and Engelinah Matshete are co-owners of Mangalis Farm. They were so happy to receive the mayor at their farm. “It is so encouraging when our leaders visit us to monitor our progress. It gives us courage to work hard because we know that we have full support from our local government. Now that the mayor is here, we are hopeful that our challenges, including the need for constant water supply, will be addressed.” Said  Khathutshelo.