A delegation from Musina Municipality received a royal welcome from Vhamusanda Vho-Rembuluwani Nduvheni of Ngalavhani village. Led by Mayor Mihloti Mhlope, the delegation also included council speaker, Gilbert Netshisaulu and member of the municipal Executive Committee (EXCO), Cllr Jeremia Khunwana. The purpose of the visit was to discuss service delivery issues in Ngalavhani 2 village which falls under Ward 11 of Musina Municipality.

Photographed during the meeting at Ngalavhani Musanda are seated from left to right: Mayor Mihloti Muhlope, Vhamusanda Vho-Rembuluwani Nduvheni and Cllr Gilbert Netshisaulu. Standing from left to right are: Cllr Jeremia Khunwana, Nkhumeleni Mukatuni (Ward Committee member), Kenny Ravhuanzwo (Manager, Housing and Social Services, Musina Municipality) and Kenneth Mukondeleli (Ward Committee member).

Ngalavhani 2 is one of the more than 50 villages that were incorporated into Musina following the latest municipal demarcations two years ago.

With joy written all over his face, Vhamusanda Vho-Rembuluwani Nduvheni said he was grateful to receive the delegation from Musina Municipality. He said it is only through inclusive governance that stakeholders can improve efficient service delivery, especially in rural villages which are led by traditional leaders. “The municipality is the catalyst for service delivery and we as traditional leaders provide land. If there is no cooperation between the municipality and traditional leaders, ordinary people suffer most as they will not receive the much needed services.”

Vhamusanda Vho-Nduvheni encouraged other traditional leaders to follow suite and work together with their municipalities. “The fact that the delegation from the municipality left everything to come here today truly reflects that Musina Municipality is ready to work with us. We will definitely work hard with the municipality to make sure that we develop our communities as efficient as possible.”

He requested the municipality to consider fixing roads, provide more houses and improve water supply in his village.

In response, Mayor Muhlope said the municipality will continue to build relationship with traditional leaders to improve service delivery. “We invite traditional leaders to attend service delivery meetings but it was also important for us to show our respect to them by paying personal visits. We will continue to do so because it has a positive impact on service delivery.”

Muhlope said the municipality aims to address communication challenges by enabling traditional leaders to understand, negotiate and take part in decision-making that affects their communities. “Communication is a key tool for development and social change, especially in a municipality with a lot of rural villages and farms like ours.”

She added that all issues raised by Vhamusanda Vho-Nduvheni will be attended to as a matter of urgency.