A delegation from Musina Municipality and De Beers Venetia Mine captured with traditional leaders and representatives of various traditional councils during the meeting at Malale village.

Several satisfied voices are emerging on how Musina Municipality gets in touch with its stakeholders. One of the satisfied voices is that of the traditional leaders in rural villages who commended the municipality for continuously working together with them.

Representing Malale Royal Council during the meeting with traditional leaders at Malale village, Mr Samuel Nemalale said he is happy that the municipality is readily available whenever there are service delivery issues to be resolved. “We are very fortunate to belong to this municipality because the leadership thereof put people first. In some municipalities, we hear traditional leaders complaining that they travel long distances to their municipal offices to meet their political principals. It is a different story here in Musina because the municipal leadership come to see us at our traditional councils.”

Nemalale’s sentiments were echoed by headman Mikosi Nefolovhodwe of Muswodi Dipeni. “As traditional leaders, we are working very closely with the municipality to bring development in our villages. They always invite us to their public participation meetings to make sure that we are always in par in terms of community development. On top of that, they make sure that they come to our traditional councils to engage us on service delivery issues. We hope other spheres of government will take lessons from us that when traditional leaders work with their municipalities, the communities benefit more.”

Mayor Mihloti Muhlope said the municipality will continue to engage with various stakeholders to improve service delivery. “Traditional leaders are one of the important stakeholders of the municipality and their inputs are valuable for community development. As political leaders, ours is to make sure that there is development but traditional leaders provide us with the land to achieve our goals. The fact that we have five senior traditional leaders who seat in our municipal council is a true reflection that they are part of the big family in our municipality.”